Higer Bus Resumes Negative Pressure Ambulance Production Line for Fight Against Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia

The outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia occurred in the spring of 2020. When an epidemic breaks out, a command is issued. It is our responsibility to prevent and control it, and time is life. The people of the whole country work together to prevent and control the outbreak consciously. More and more enterprises are taking action to actively participate in the epidemic prevention and control.

At 8:00 am on February 6, in the general assembly shop of Higer Bus, technical workers were wearing protective masks, and were rushing production of the emergency transportation equipment for epidemic prevention - negative pressure medical vehicles according to the strict requirements of 2 persons per vehicle. Although it is not a scene of busy working with a lot of workers in normal times, it is the best way to protect employees and contribute to the epidemic prevention and control during the outbreak.

It is necessary to protect employees as well as organize production in dealing with the epidemic. This is a touchstone to consider the management and execution of enterprises.

On January 23, Higer Bus quickly set up the the Leading Group and Working Group for Epidemic Prevention and Control, launched the company's emergency response plan, and guided the issues related to epidemic prevention and control and the related work of negative pressure medical vehicle production organization.

On January 29, each Higer employee read an illustrated article named “Relying on Higer people, trusting Higer people, and building a safe environment together” through the DingTalk office group. It details the factory entry requirements, methods of wearing masks and washing hands, protection and disinfection management of office area and dormitory area, which is clear, easy to understand and learn, and guides employees to do a good job of safety protection.

On January 31, Higer Bus issued a notice promising that during the outbreak, the customer service work will be carried out normally, and the 24-hour service hotline 4008282019 will be available 24/7. Higer’s service engineers in all parts of the country will respond to customer needs at all hours of the day to ensure vehicle operation. At the same time, a safety maintenance plan of the out-of-service vehicles will be provided. Higer will work together with customers to overcome difficulties.

At the same time, Higer Bus actively carried out various preparations before resumption of work, and formulated the Higer Bus Epidemic Prevention and Control Preparation and Implementation Plan, including preparations before the start of work, anti-epidemic measures after the start of work, and verification of the conditions of returning workers. On February 4, Higer Bus passed the joint review of resumption by Suzhou Industrial Park, and was allowed to resume work before 24:00 on February 9.

On the morning of February 5, Yang Zhiping, Deputy Mayor of Suzhou City, supervised the epidemic prevention and control work in the park. He first came to Higer Bus to learn about the prevention and control work, the preparation for resumption of work and the production of negative pressure medical vehicle, and advised Higer Bus to do well in various tasks of the preparation for resumption of work, implement overall responsibility and make full efforts to produce negative pressure vehicles.

In the special period of the outbreak, many employees of Higer Bus came forward to actively respond to the company's call and fight in the battlefield of epidemic prevention and control on the premise of personal protection. Some employees worked overtime to purchase all kinds of epidemic prevention and disinfection materials in short supply to prepare for resumption of work, some stuck to their posts to ensure the non-stop supply of customer service parts, some tried every way to purchase and donate masks for customers, and some returned to work in advance to rush production of important epidemic prevention materials - negative pressure medical vehicles, showing the excellent quality of serving the overall interests and serving customers. The heroic figure will be the most unforgettable scenery in spring of 2020.

At present, during the critical period of the epidemic prevention and control, Higer Bus will coordinate the orderly production and effectively epidemic prevention and control, and work together with the people of the country to win the war of epidemic prevention and control!