199 Higer Natural Gas City Buses Run to Chongqing Successively

In the past few days, 199 blue Higer city buses ran to Chongqing successively, adding beautiful movable scenery to the city.

It is known that the 199 Higer KLQ6905 city buses employ natural gas engines that meet the Chinese national emission standard at stage VI. These engines are technologically more advanced and environmentally friendlier. Their intellectual constant-temperature cooling systems are fully capable of meeting heat dissipation need in scorching summers in Chongqing. The engine compartment is equipped with the automatic fire extinguishment and high temperature warning system meeting relevant requirements specified in JT/T 1240-2019, enhancing the operational safety of the engine.

Advanced technology, enhancing safety and maintainability

This batch of buses adopt Higer fifth generation integral body structure. The frame of the body is made of high-strength steel. Use of finite element analysis as well as a series of advanced intellectual manufacturing equipment of laser cutting, robotized welding, and Higer 16-process cathode electrophoresis ensure higher safety and higher anti-corrosive moisture-proof performance of the vehicles, hence higher adaptability to the environmental and operational conditions in Chongqing.

The front and rear disc brakes operate both reliably and efficiently. The patented transmission better suiting the engine improves running stability of the vehicle and extends service life of the clutch. The maintenance-free axle used for buses, and the steel-wheel-rim tubeless radial tyres used for city buses, aligned with the dedicated wheel alignment system, effectively reduce the costs of operation and maintenance for the customers, and increase the utilization rate of the buses.

NVH reduction, making the bus more comfortable

Higer KLQ6905 city buses reduce NVH using the patented technology developed by the postdoctoral research workstation. The level of noise is effectively reduced through application of the new type noise reduction materials and technological innovation. The fresh air system of air conditioning ensures environmentally friendly fresh air supply, the diffusion type of vents contributing to uniform air distribution. The soft seats used for city buses bring passengers with more comfortable experience.

Five-star service, removing worries of customers

It is known that in 2019, a total of 488 Higer natural gas city buses meeting the Chinese national emission standard at stage V were put into operation in Chongqing. These vehicles operate excellently, in which Higer five-star service plays an important role. Before arrival of the vehicles to Chongqing, Higer customer service department has completed the storage of spare parts for them referring to the data of vulnerable parts in Chongqing, Higer service engineers have investigated the service needs and technological resources, and prepared the new-driver training plans and the technological maintenance plans according to the service needs. This ensures the correct operation and scientific maintenance of the new vehicles. In the case of vehicle problems, Higer engineers will arrive at the site as soon as possible to solve them. This greatly removes the worries of the customers.

Customized service-life-cycle management

At the initiation stage of the project, in view of the fact that there are many mountain roads, steep slopes, narrow roads and the operation conditions are complex in Chongqing, Higer technology engineers, in cooperation with local sales and service personnel, perform technological exchanges with customers, collect route data about the actual routes, and investigate the situation of operation. In addition, Higer customizes research and development according to the history orders of Chongqing stored in the Higer PLM system as well as the big data possessed by the company.

Famous brand, continuous technological innovation, five-star service, and customer-oriented service-life-cycle management enable Higer Bus to unceasingly make progress, making contribution to the green and sustainable development of public transport.