Higer Donated More than 140 Thousand Masks to Overseas Clients

Immediately after the COVID-19 outbreak in the start of this year, Higer set up work team for epidemic prevention and control and initiated the emergency response procedure. Higer employees actively fulfill their corporate social responsibility in this “non-explosive warfare” by working over nights and producing negative pressure ambulances for Wuhan, so as to fully support epidemic prevention and control in the country.

Since the middle of March, COVID-19 has been spreading all over the world. As confirmed cases rise continuously in the world countries, it has triggered short supply of PPE. Facing the serious situation outside China, Higer has launched the campaign “Higer is With You” for its overseas clients. It prepares epidemic-control tips, produces, videos teaching people to wear mask correctly and prints special issues and magazines to share epidemic-control coups and stories with the customers. In the meantime, Higer works hard on supply channels for masks and purchases 140 thousand masks in total, which have been delivered to more than 50 countries including Korea, the Philippines, Malaysia, Israel, Serbia, Qatar, UAE, etc. to fight against the epidemic.

As said in a famous Chinese poem “Living in the same world, we are never separated by distance”, the clients express their thanks to Higer and hold their thumbs up to Higer’ s philanthropic activities. Using love to fight the epidemic, Higer will continue to keep an eye on the ongoing epidemic in overseas countries and stand together with clients to live through the difficult time.