Higer Bus Wins China's Top Patent Award Again

Among a large number of candidates, Higer autonomous bus Pro-Blue was granted a silver medal for industrial design, according to China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA). The authority recently announced the list of the winners of the 23rd WIPO-CNIPA Awards for Chinese Outstanding Patented Inventions and Industrial Designs, which was open for public review until April 21, 2022.

The Awards are the only government ones in China that specifically reward inventions and creations for which patent rights are granted. Supported and recognized by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) of the United Nations, they have wide influence in the world. Thanks to its cutting-edge industrial design, Pro-Blue was selected fort he top patent award in the country.

The L4 autonomous bus (patent No.: ZL201930125508.8) boasts innovative industrial design with the application of futuristic technologies, which is obviously different from that of traditional buses.

The design concept of a symmetrical mobile space capsule is adopted. Design elements such as a capsule and an astronaut's helmet are integrated, and the spherical windshield recreates what it is like to see the world through an astronaut's eyes. As the design concept of a mobile leisure hall is applied in the interior, the sitting area surrounded by an orbit provides a pleasant, free and immersive experience. The surplus net height, onestep, the ramp and the sliding-plug doors improves the convenience of getting on and off the bus. The surrounding sofa, broadened horizons and colorful atmosphere lights enhance the riding experience. In addition, the starry roof and the LCD screen help extend passengers' visual field and enable real-time information interaction; remote start control and APP car hailing service improve convenience.

Rooted in innovative technology, Higer Bus isleading the future direction. The solid foundation of Higer Bus makes it possible that Pro-Blue pioneers the design with nosteering wheel, brake, accelerator, wipers, instrument panel or headlights.

On the one hand, Higer Bus always regards industrial design as an important component of products' value and takes into account market trends and users' mentality to keep endowing the products with aesthetic in addition to functions, fostering its distinctive brand image. On the other hand, Higer Bus has been continuously exploring the state-of-the-art technologies in the industry, and promoted the application research of advanced technologies and the commercialization of research results for many years. With competitive R&D and testing capabilities, the company was rated as a National Center for Enterprise Technology.

Mass-produced pure electric autonimous bus Pro-Blue, releasedin April 2019, makes studied use of seven core technologies such as the first AEC-Q (Automotive Electronics Council - Qualification) unmanned driving controller in China and chassis-by-wire independently developed by Higer Bus. Equipped with UHD cameras, lidar, ultrasonic radar and intelligent decision-making system, it features high safety, high technology and high performance, demonstrating the latest achievements of intelligent networking technology.