HIGER Achieves Record Success in EL Salvador

In mid-April, HIGER delivered 14 KLQ6759A busesin El Salvador. Present at the delivery ceremony were Romeo Herrera, head of PublicWorks and Transport Ministry (MOP), Deputy Minister Nelson Reyes, the generalmanager of the distributor and heads of the customer company. The new vehicleswill be put into operation on Line 655-A, an important local line that passes alot of factories and has a high passenger flow.

At the ceremony, Romeo Herrera spoke highly ofthe design and quality of HIGER buses, hoping these buses would help improvepublic transportation in El Salvador and enhance locals' travel experiences.The HIGER KLQ6759A delivered to El Salvador features sufficient power,outstanding through capacity and huge space. Powered by a Cummins Euro IIIengine, it is up to higher emission standards and causes less pollution. Tomeet local road conditions and use needs, in view of the large passenger flow ofthe customer's line, the seat layout was adjusted to expand the internalstanding space, and more handrails were added; due to excessive rainfalls,aluminum patterned flooring was added to the original floor leather to preventpassengers from slipping; for the convenience of the disabled, HIGER alsoequipped some vehicles with wheelchair lifts to further enhance ridingexperiences.

Since entering the El Salvador market in 2014,HIGER has been devoted to product promotion and services. It has gradually beenknown to and recognized by local customers, becoming the Chinese bus brand withthe largest number of vehicles in use in El Salvador (accounting for over 70%)and the worthy number one brand. HIGER also served the National CivilianPolice, the National Academy of Public Security, the Navy and other governmentdepartments in El Salvador. In the future, HIGER will contribute bettersolutions to El Salvador to improve local public transportation.