Higer Wins the “2020 Best Employer in Greater Suzhou” Again

On August 20, 2020 the 7th “Awarding Ceremony of Best Employer in Greater Suzhou And Employer Brand” was celebrated in the studio of Suzhou Broadcasting System.

Due to its good employer brand image, outstanding results of social responsibility fulfillment as an employer, and excellent employee engagement, Higer Bus stood out among thousands of contestants and won the highest award of “2020 Best Employer in Greater Suzhou”!

“Best Employer in Greater Suzhou”, which has been held for seven consecutive times, is a barometer of employer brands and an annual “festival” in Suzhou. Winners are selected by a Committee of Best Employer in Greater Suzhou led by OHR, joined by different regional human resource platforms in Suzhou as well as expert groups in academia, media, and human resources. Corporate social responsibility is the core assessment criterion and expert review, employee perception and public vote are combined to select and build excellent employer brands in Suzhou.

Higer Bus has been awarded the “Best Employer” for three consecutive years. This not only demonstrates the overall strength and image of Higer Bus, but also recognizes its influence as a brand. Higer Bus will continue to adhere to the corporate spirit of innovation and pragmatism and keep consolidating its human resources strategy and employer brand building. It will try to win deep recognition from society and talents with unremitting efforts.