Higer KLQ6119GS Provides Transportation Services for Ghana National Football Team

Recently, the last qualification match of 2022 FIFA World Cup was held between Ghana and Nigeria. Ghana beat Nigeria and won the final ticket to 2022 FIFA World Cup. After the victory, Ghana’s president Akufu Addo received Ghana National Football Team. Higer double-decker KLQ6119GS was designated as thecarrier for the team.

After arriving in Ghana, Higer double-decker KLQ6119GS has been mainlydesignated to serve some major events in the country. With more passenger-friendly facilities on board, the double-decker delivers impressively powerful performances and achieves higher safety standards.

In 2007, 99 units Higer travel coaches arrived in Ghana for operation,providing more comfortable transportation services for tourists.

Ghana is located in west Africa and its people are passionate about football. Ghana National Football Team was one of the top eight teams in South Africa FIFA World Cup. It was the champion of Africa Cup of Nations for fourtimes.