Higer L4 Autonomous Driving Buses Launch Trial Operation in SIP

Recently, two units light-green-colored six-meter Higer KLQ6606GAEVN3 level-4 (L4) autonomous driving buses, with uniquely attractive appearances, appeared in Suzhou Industrial Park. The bus route on which it works has five stations and passes by Suzhou’s landmark building, the Gate of the Orient.

With nine comfortable seats on board, Higer KLQ6606GAEVN3 autonomous driving bus has colored lighting belts. For a one-way drive, it takes about 20 minutes for thebus. Entirely free from human assistance, the bus performs a host of extremely complex driving tasks.

According to Li Minghui, an intelligent connected vehicle engineer, Higer KLQ6606GAEVN3 autonomous driving bus is set to reach a highest speed of 30 km/h and is equipped with a host of advanced technologies, ultrasonic radars, millimeter radars, laser radars and 18 cameras, etc. It fully supports IVICS (intelligentvehicle infrastructure cooperative system). Through cloud control platform and IVICS, it achieves autonomous driving, intelligent safety management and data-based vehicle management.

Accordingto Higer, KLQ6606GAEVN3 autonomous driving buses are now under trial operation. Soon, they will be in service and provide greener and more convenient transportation services for passengers.