Families Holding Hands on a Journey to Brighter Future of Higer
— The Higer Impression 2022 Study Tour

United as a big family, Higer is closely linked with its employees as well as their own families. From July 20 to 21, the company's labor union and Higer Training Center jointly planned and organized the Higer Impression 2022 Study Tour for 130 employees' children at the headquarters ofHiger Bus. Through this activity, the children can get to know their parents' company, and experience the working environment. Also, it is an act of integrating family culture into the corporate culture, thus contributing to the company's cohesion and unity.

This tour includes five parts, namely ice-breaking games, an experience tour at workplaces, a class on traffic laws popularization, a lecture about buses, and a closing ceremony. Except for the group competition, a tour at the Higer Exhibition Hall, and the experience at the autonomous busPro-Blue and RVs, the children also visited the workshops and watched the production procedure of a bus. In addition, they learned more about the Road Traffic Safety Law of the People's Republic of China at the class on traffic laws popularization and understood principles of a car's operation at the Higer lectures about buses.

The well-arranged tour helped the children get to know Higerin an immersive way. Enthusiastic and vivid scenes during the activity were accompanied by bursts of great cheers of surprise. Moreover, they used their creative minds and drew the future buses in their imagination, which were truly incredible for on-site staff. At the end of the activity, children were invited on stage to receive their certificates of participation. Standing straight, they took a photo together, looking as proud and joyful as real graduates holding their graduation certificates. As the activity concludes, these young participants said their slightly wistful goodbyes to the on-sitestaff, and their parents expressed thanks to all the organizers for arranging the tour.

Owing to this activity, the distance between the company and employees, as well as their children, was shortened, enhancing sense of identity and belonging among employees. The young visitors, at the same time, got to know their parents better. We are sure to see a brighter future for Higer Bus with efforts made by generations of "Higerers".