Higer New-energy Sanitation Vehicles Unveiled

Recently, thenew-energy sanitation vehicles manufactured by Higer Bus Company Limited havebeen unveiled at the Suzhou Vocational Skills Competition for Mechanical Cleaningof Roads in Environmental Sanitation Industry, including 4.5T electric vehiclefor roadway maintenance, 18T electric vehicle for cleaning and sweeping, 10.5Telectric compression refuse collector, 31T electric garbage truck with aremovable compartment, and 31T electric slag car. Higer Bus provides an overallsolution to urban sanitation work with new-energy sanitation vehicles (poweredby electricity or hydrogen energy) and an intelligent operation and maintenanceplatform to facilitate green, clean and sustainable development of the city.

Higer Busunveiled 5 models suitable for different scenarios at the same time, showingits determination and strength to focus on the development of new-energysanitation vehicles. With the acceleration of the arrival of the innovation andtransformation of sanitation vehicles, Higer Bus has deeply integrated the coretechnology of "electrification and intelligentization" to producesatisfactory products for a new future.

In thein-depth research on electric sanitation vehicles, Higer Bus has been engagedin the R&D of new energy technologies for more than 20 years. Relying onits leading R&D and production base of new-energy vehicles, Higer hasintegrated the sense of environmental protection responsibility into theproduct design, driven the upgrading of technology, and manufactured high-levelnew-energy sanitation vehicles. Through the integration of mechatronicstechnology, information technology and advanced manufacturing technology,sanitation vehicles are equipped with innovative technologies, expandedfunctions and improved performance, showing technology-intensivecharacteristics. In this way, the vehicles have independently innovative"three core technologies" (battery, motor and ECU) of new energyvehicles, enabling high integration of Battery, Motor and ECU of vehicles withthe help of advanced vehicle intelligence and electronic and electricalarchitecture platform, as well as high-performance battery and highlyintegrated motor controller. In addition, the new generation of sanitationvehicles are more intelligent with better performance, improved safety andlonger endurance thanks to the technology-leading intelligent screen, CAN buselectronic control system, intelligent integrated control of electricity,liquid and gas, one-button operation, on-board 360-degree video surveillancesystem and other intelligent equipment, truly meeting the needs of cleaner,safer and more efficient cleaning.

According toXie Yong, Higer Deputy Chief Engineer, Higer has developed 3 chassis fornew-energy sanitation vehicles and nearly 20 new-energy sanitation models by adheringto the concept of providing cleaner energy, lower noise, safer operation, moreefficient cleaning process and more people-oriented management for urbansanitation. In the future, it will continue to extend product systems toprovide more efficient electric intelligent sanitation equipment and overallsolutions for urban life.