Celebrate the grand event together! Higer Bus Successfully Served the 15th Pan-Arab Games

The 15th Pan-Arab Games kicked off in Algeria's capitalAlgiers on the evening of July 5. About 2,000 athletes from 21 countries andregions participated in 20 sports. The Games lasted until July 15, and thecompetitions were held in 5 provinces in Algeria. Higer Bus providestransportation support services for the whole event.

The Pan-Arab Games are a regional multi-sport event heldbetween nations from the Arab world, and the first Games took place in 1953 inAlexandria, Egypt. Over the past 70 years, this Games has developed into asports event with great influence and far-reaching significance among Arabcountries. As one of the earliest domestic bus brands entering Africa, HigerBus participated in the preparations for the event one month in advance andprovided services from various aspects such as spare parts storage and vehicleuse training. The after-sales service team of Higer Bus was always on standbyto fully cooperate with the transportation and shuttle business of athletes atthis Games to ensure "zero failure" in vehicle operation.

It is reported that the KLQ6111LYQ model of Higer Bus ismainly used in the Arabian Games. Haiyue of Higer Bus, a classic modelrecommended by big data, is specially customized according to the actualoperating conditions and demands in Algeria. This model is 11m long andequipped with a high-powered engine, which has strong power. At the same time,the air spring suspension is adopted for this model, improving riding comfort. Interms of vehicle interior, the new luxury instrument, 19-inch front display andhigh backrest adjustable air suspension driver's seat are adopted. The overallconfiguration is luxurious and popular with local operating companies, driversand passengers. As of the first half of this year, nearly 300 vehicles havebeen delivered to Algeria.

Algeria market is one of the early export markets for HigerBus. Since 2005, nearly 9000 vehicles have been exported in total, making itthe largest overseas market for Higer Buses. From 2010 to 2014, the Higer busesexported to Algeria reached a historical peak, with an average annual exportvolume of more than 1,000 vehicles. In 2023, Higer Bus won a large order fromAlgeria government project which needs more than 240 vehicles. From the blueMediterranean to the endless Sahara Desert, Higer Bus can be seen everywhere.

From the 2006Doha Asian Games to the 53rd Table Tennis World Championship, from the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games to the 2022 BeijingWinter Olympics, and from the 2018 Russia World Cup to the 2022 Qatar WorldCup, Higer Bus has never stopped serving the world's top sports events. HigerBus will also continue to cheer the athletes with practical actions!