"Color of the Asian Games" Throughout the City!
Higer Electric Minibus Goes Viral in Hangzhou

As the Asian Games approach, the atmosphere of welcoming the games in Hangzhou is becoming stronger throughout the city. The minibuses on the streets of Hangzhou have all taken on a new look. These newly refurbished Higer 6.5-meter electric minibuses have been entrusted with the important task of providing convenient transportation services for urban travel.

In preparation for the Asian Games, the model Higer KLQ6650GEV has been adopted. With a length of only 6.53 meters and a width of 2.1 meters, it has good maneuverability and passing performance. Despite its small size, it can accommodate up to thirty to forty passengers, efficiently meeting the high-demand peak-hour requirements on various routes. The interior of the bus is quiet and comfortable, fully demonstrating electric vehicles' advantage of low noise. The spacious interior ensures an uncrowded environment, with comfortable seats and USB charging ports available next to each seat for charging at any time.

The minibuses small, especially suitable for navigating narrow roads. With its small body and large capacity, the Higer minibus exhibits excellent maneuverability and flexibility, which adapts well to the needs of navigating narrow streets, meets the operation requirements of "short, frequent and fast" minibus lines, and greatly facilitates the travel needs of citizens working, living and going to school in this area.

Soon, Hangzhou will host the 19th Asian Games, and a spectacular sports event will begin. With utmost enthusiasm and thorough preparations, the 10 million people of Hangzhou are enhancing every corner of the city. Higer Bus will also work with everyone and commit to assisting Hangzhou in hosting the sports and culture event with "Chinese characteristics, Asian charm and splendid moments".