Higer Pure Electric Buses Connects the "Green Transportation Circle" of the Greater Bay Area

As the southern end of Guagnzhou, Nansha is 38 nautical miles away from Hong Kong and 41 nautical miles away from Macao. It is the geographic center of the Guangdong-HongKong-Macao Greater Bay Area, and has gradually developed into a regional functional center.

Based in Nansha andtargeting the green transportation trend in the Greater Bay Area, Higer Bus joined hands with its customer Guangzhou Dongyun Auto Service Co., Ltd.,( hereinafter referred to as "Dongyun Auto Service") in 2022 to "further upgrade" the commuting business. The Higer KLQ6111 pure electric buses have been put into operation in batches for nearly two months with satisfactory performance.

Higer Bus adheres tothe principle of safety first and attaches importance to human-friendly details. The vehicle adopts a full-monocoque body structure, and equipped with multiple intelligent driver assistance systems such as Advanced Emergency Braking System (AEBS), Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS), 360 Degree Around View Monitor System, greatly improving driving safety.

In 2022, Dongyun Auto Service launched the "further-upgrading" of commuting business to introduce pure electric buses and strive for"win-win" between customer comfort and operating cost control.

InApril 2022, 11 KLQ6111 pure electric buses and 3 KLQ6121 tourist buses were officially put into operation at Dongyun Auto Service.

Higerpure electric buses have been put into operation for nearly two months. Thebuses feature stable driving, low noise, low vibration, large space,comfortable seats, and better riding experience for customers. At the sametime, they have greatly reduced operating costs including fuel costs. A fullycharged Higer KLQ6111 pure electric bus with air conditioner on can run morethan 200 kilometers a day, which indeed saves a lot of fuel and maintenancecosts compared with fuel vehicles.

Nansha has gradually transferred from a bridgehead in Guangzhou into a hub in the Greater Bay Area. Dongyun Auto Service seizes the market opportunity and makes timely transformation. The upgrade of "green commuting" by Higer KLQ6111 electric buses is a wise choice for Dongyun Auto Service.